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MA'NA Organix

Ma'na Organix Gro Hemp Oil Hair elixir

Ma'na Organix Gro Hemp Oil Hair elixir

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Hemp hair elixir designed to add volume and improve hair condition. Formulated with organic oils, hair loving vitamins, antioxidants, & essential fatty acids that moisturize, protect, and make your hair healthy and shiny - Great for all hair types! Stimulates hair follicles to help improve regrowth... perfect for postpartum hair loss and growth.
Sulfate-free and parabens-free to avoid harmful chemicals; highly nutritious for hair and skin, protecting to fight inflammation, oxidation and irritation, being the main causes of aging. Rich in minerals like potassium and calcium, containing high levels of Vitamin A, C and E, important for body tissue. A blend of jojoba, castor oil and more.
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Is this product safe for pregnancy?

Yes this is safe for pregnancy. We vet all of our products to make sure they are safe for mamas.

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