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Calm-A-Mama Happy Drops

Calm-A-Mama Happy Drops

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Designed for hormonal & emotional fluctuations, onset of menstruation, weaning from breastfeeding, postpartum hormonal change, seasonal fluctuations. The rose base of this tincture is the magical champion of the heart. It is incredibly healing for stress – especially that which is hormonally prompted. It has recently been noted to have anti-bacterial effects as well, which is an early indicator of possible anti-depressant properties.

Featured Flower Essences:
Hyssop: Accept and Forgive
Accepting and forgiving yourself or others

Lemon Balm: Calm and Care
Calming and caring for the body and mind, during times of emotional overwhelm

Chamomile: Uplift and Soothe
Uplifting and soothing for over-taxed nerves when irritable or having difficult transitions

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Botanical water extract of rose (1:5), botanical water extracts of
(1:6000) of hyssop flowers, lemon balm flowers and chamomile flowers.
Vegetable glycerin and filtered water. 

Is this product safe for pregnancy?

Yes this is safe for pregnancy. We vet all of our products to make sure they are safe for mamas.

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