how it all started.

Postpartum is the part that no one really talks about -- and you can't fully understand it until experiencing it for yourself. So often we enter motherhood overwhelmed with piles of baby products with the mama-to-be forgotten about before the day even arrives. The 4th trimester is a hugely pivotal time in both mama and baby's lives. Moms deserve the same love and care as newborns, and often they don't receive it.


When Mallory became a mom in 2020, she was thrown off by an emergency c-section, a pandemic, and motherhood. It took a while for her to realize the reason she felt so alone was because she lacked support. Mostly because she felt like she was supposed to "do it all" and never asked for help.

That's when she decided it was time to rewrite the narrative. Moms deserve the same love and care as their precious newborns, and as we enter the 4th trimester, although we're grateful for all the baby gifts, we often discover that most of those go unused and what we really could've used was some support and nourishment.

That's where mindful made co. comes in...

  • from the 4th trimester and beyond.

    just because you're a mama now doesn't mean you aren't still YOU. we
    want to celebrate all of it while helping you refill your cup with
    mindful moments.

  • we start with the 4th trimester.

    this pivotal chapter is not talked about enough. we're here to support you by focusing on holistic health, nourishing from the inside out through your motherhood metamorphosis.

  • we make it simple


    because mamas have limited time. leave the research and decision making up to us... we ship your nontoxic products straight to your door, so you can have stress free self-care tools + mindful moments!

Meet Our Owner.

Mallory became a mama in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic when emotions were high and online shopping was key. Not only that, but convenience is super important for busy moms, & she realized it would be so much easier if everything was just delivered straight to her door (enter mindful made co.)

Mallory is a professional graphic designer who specializes in branding and small business marketing. She is passionate about coaching fempreneurs as they build their dream business. She is a multi-passionate mompreneur who is certified in functional nutrition + more. She loves hiking, yoga, meditating, wooden baby/toddler toys, avocados, and holistic health + wellness...

And she is very passionate about helping moms feel empowered on their own motherhood journey.

nontoxic postpartum and self-care products apothecary organic skincare products

About the Brand.

mindful made co. is your go to shop for nontoxic postpartum and self-care products. everything is selected by moms for moms, and we source from small-batch and women and mom-owned small businesses, made in the US.

All humans need some extra care, so also know that everyone is welcome here! We also offer curated gift boxes for yourself or your mama bff.

*our boxes make great, unique baby shower and new mom gifts!

Mallory's Top Picks